A&C Consulting Centre

”We really care about people, organizations and results” since 2003

Our values

Professionalism & Expertise: Since 2003, we have been driven by our desire to be always close to our partners and committed to their needs.

Enthusiasm & warmth: We empower people and organizations to professionally grow, change and become high performers.

Support & Development: Our aim is to support people and organizations in succeeding together and unlock their future potential.

Our services

Recruitment & Selection

We have gained a long-term experience of recruitment for a variety of roles, responsibilities, functions and businesses with a special focus on recruitment of managerial and specialist job positions.


We value the insights of over 6400 managers and other professionals who appreciated the content and quality of more than 540 training sessions they attended.


We provide management and organizational development consultancy to help organizations improve performance and efficiency in a changing and complex environment.


We believe that coaching is one of the most useful methods of developing people’s personal skills and abilities, and of boosting performance. It is transformational for the individual as well as their organisation.

Training room rental

Our training room is of 50 sq m and accommodates a maximum of 16 participants (U shape), and a maximum of 25 participants (classroom/auditorium style).









About Us

Since 2003, our main services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organizational and people development, training, recruiting and coaching.

We help managers diagnose difficulties and improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business issues and development of plans for improvement.

Our team

Adriana Badescu

Managing Partner – “I believe in people and their development. I feel happy when I share with others what I know, when I see them developing their competencies and evolving in their careers.”

Codruta Mirci

Senior Partner – “I like to discover the fundamentals of things and processes and to share these findings to others. I like to understand the mechanisms that trigger peoples’ actions and I enjoy helping them”

‘’A&C proved to be the dedicated and professional consultant that everyone strives to become. If you want problems identified, solutions provided and implemented, A&C is one of the best I have seen‘’

Carmen Suciu

HR Manager. Heraeus