A&C Consulting Centre Team


Managing Partner, A&C Consulting Centre

“I believe in people and their development. I feel happy when I share with others what I know, when I see them developing their competencies and evolving in their careers. I enjoy to work in the company with people I really appreciate. I am permanently concerned of my own development and of those around me: I like to learn from situations, projects, training sessions and books.”

Senior Partner, A&C Consulting Centre

“I like to discover the fundamentals of things and processes and to share these findings to others. I like to understand the mechanisms that trigger peoples’ actions and I enjoy helping them”

Senior Consultant, A&C Consulting Centre

“My motto is: Don’t give up and do everything you can in order to achieve your goal. I really believe that if you are passionate about something and have enough confidence, things will happen. “

Consultant, A&C Consulting Centre

“Every day I try to become the best version of myself. For this I embrace new experiences as often as possible and share ideas with others. I believe that everyone can develop as soon as they are ready for growing.”

“From my perspective, the recipe for succes is the intensive and dedicated effort, the wish to grow and determination.”

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