Basic Supervising Skills

2 days

Target Group
line leaders, team leaders, supervisors

games, exercises, simulations, role plays

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What a manager does

Functions of Management

Understanding behavioural type using DISC

Communication and listening

Delegates will learn to:

  • understand what is management and what is the role of a line manager
  • take personal responsibility for making things happen
  • recognize own strengths and limitations
  • recognize types of human behaviour and how to relate to each of them (DISC – Drive-Influencing-Steadiness-Compliance)
  • understand the importance of communication
  • recognize and overcome the barriers which inhibit effective communication
  • deliver messages clearly and unambiguously
  • understand the importance of active listening and develop listening skills

Basic management skills

Goal: to offer to the participants an overview of their managerial role, transfer them a helpful tool to effectively manage subordinates

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