Conflict Management

2 days

Target Group
this course is valuable for any individual that needs conflict management skills

exercises, games, role plays, focused group discussions

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What is conflict?
How to handle conflicts?
How to manage emotions?
Stages in conflict
Negotiation in Conflict
How to prevent conflicts

Delegates will learn to:

  • identify exactly what conflict is and why it arises
  • recognize the various stages of conflict and preventing them from escalating
  • select an appropriate conflict resolution style based on their needs to get maximum results
  • utilize a variety of methods for managing conflict successfully develop necessary skills for managing conflicts effectively
  • learn ways to manage emotions and anger
  • use a negotiation strategy that moves them closer to a win-win outcome
  • practice a series of psychological tactics used in conflicts and know how to respond to them
  • prevent destructive conflicts at the workplace

Master the art of conflict

Goal: to train participants on how to prevent discussions from escalating into conflicts, perform conflict resolution, and manage their emotions

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