Dealing with Difficult People

2 days

Target Group
those wanting to improve their behavioural response to difficult people they meet and interact with

exercises, games, case-studies, focus group discussions

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Strategy and mental attitude


How to respond to people

How to engage in empathetic communication

How to deal with confrontations

Delegates will learn to:

  • use the right mental attitude when confronting others to minimise the effect of difficult encounters
  • choose the right responding style when dealing with others
  • make constructive conversations by staying focused and in control
  • select an appropriate conflict resolution style to get maximum results
  • react to confrontations quickly and efficiently while maintaining their emotional balance
  • identify toxic words and handle them while maintaining the efficiency of their conversation
  • identify the type of difficult people they are dealing with and respond accordingly

Managing reactions

Goal: to make participants capable to understand difficult people’s behaviour and to interact accordingly, using techniques and mental attitudes

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