Decision Making Skills

2 days

Target Group
all those who experience difficulties when they need to take decisions

exercises, case studies, games, simulations

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Principles in decision making

Decision making errors

4 individual decision making tools

4 group decision making tools

Delegates will learn to:

  • use good decision making processes to get the best out of their decisions
  • choose the best available option based on a number of criteria using a trade-off analysis
  • use a series of systematic comparisons to identify the most ideal decision
  • make a decision using quantifiable pros and cons to evaluate the impact of the decision
  • make decisions based on problem analysis
  • make optimal decisions in groups by using everyone’s inputs
  • use a structured method to collect and process opinions of a panel of expert
  • use a simple technique to encourage group participation and increase the likelihood of free expression of ideas

Make better decisions

Goal: transfers delegates individual and group decision making techniques and tools and how to use each tool in different situations

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