Delegation and Empowerment Skills

2 days

Target Group
middle, top and senior managers

case studies, exercises, games

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What tasks you should delegate and what tasks you should perform?

To whom to delegate?

How to delegate correctly?

The link between delegation and empowerment

Delegates will learn to:

  • better perform the managerial role through delegation
  • face fear of delegation
  • better select tasks to be delegated
  • select subordinates to whom to delegate
  • perform correctly the delegation method, following all steps
  • brief people on what they want to delegate to them
  • monitor the performance of the delegate as well as own performance when delegating
  • empower others to perform at their peak and help them grow while completing a delegated task
  • avoid mistakes and overcome barriers to delegation

What, how, to whom to delegate

Goal: trainees learn how to correctly delegate, how to achieve higher goals and how to make people feel powerful and valuable.

We really care about people, organisations and results