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“Along with the organisational growth came the appointment of new managers and we identified the need of a leadership program, both for the people with a new position and the ones with previous experience as well. My initial intention consisted in defining a program as a sum of management trainings but A&C (Adriana) did more than that – she created a complete program starting from identifying the needs of the organization and of the people that were going to attend the training. It all started from defining the vision, the values and the strategy of the organisation and all this was followed by a training series which intertwined like the pieces of a puzzle and whose final picture is a successful managerial team, united by a common goal. This program is not a list of trainings but rather a mini-MBA as Adriana says and I would add mini – regarding the costs and MBA – regarding its content and results.”

Oliviu Burlacu

Plant Manager, Adient

‘’Puts the Science back in Management! This is the one-liner which describes best the mini MBA Program from A&C Consulting. The Program covered a lot of information, delivered in a concise way, easy to grasp. The content was clear, logical and effective. A&C Consulting [or Mrs. Adriana Badescu] had obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. Its highly integrated approach with theory combined with active learning techniques, broadened my understanding of human resources, leadership and management core concepts. The ready-to-use management techniques enabled me, coached me and deepened my confidence to lead my team by empowering each of its members. I would recommend the mini MBA Program to anyone who is in a constant pursuit of personal and professional development”.

Ionut Ailinei

CAE/ Safety Restraint Systems Manager, Key Safety Systems

“It was difficult for me to write about A&C Consulting Centre and I did not know why. I realized that it was as difficult as if I needed to talk about me, because Adriana and Codruta are now a part of our company. They did not come into our organization as employees, but as individuals, who by commitment, sincere desire to help and multilateral professional knowledge have become more than partners. It has often turned out that Adriana and Codruta went beyond our organization’s expressed needs and found new ways to help us in the effort of developing the company, as if they were a part of it and would have directly benefit from it. I believe the honest and open hearted attitude, their full engagement, along with the feeling that their work is not only a job, but a passion, provides A&C Consulting Centre with present and future success.”

Adrian Alpredi

Human Resources Manager, Dura Automotive Romania

“…I remembered the collaboration between Kromberg & Schubert Romania and A&C Consulting Centre, which started shortly after the start-up activity in our factory. I recall with pleasure our discussions as we tried to identify the most appropriate actions for training the trainers, in order to answer to the specific requests on the production of wiring activity, as it was organized in our factory; I remember the discussions with you to define the profiles for the recruitment of the staff. I felt the attitude of A&C team as it would have been a member of our group, Kromberg & Schubert.”

Marius Petrica

Commercial Director, Kromberg & Schubert Romania

„Working with A&C gives you right from the beginning of a recruitment or training process the confidence that all efforts will be spent to result the best possible outcome. In both instances, the effort is doubled by a deep understanding of local labor market dynamics and needs which qualifies A&C as a high profile organizational consultancy company. And behind acronyms sits a team whose personal qualities, interpersonal acumen and commitment makes it all possible…”

Mona Popa

Human Resources Manager, Eaton

“After several years of collaboration with A&C Consulting Centre, I can say that it is a professional team and Adriana and Codruta are its essence and spirit. A&C Consulting Centre is different from other competitors operating on the market through the extraordinary ability to understand very well and very fast organisations’ needs and problems, succeeding thus to deliver the needed solutions and support. The services’ quality is also ensured by the reach experience of consultants, along with a very good knowledge of market’s reality. I recommend the A&C Consulting Centre team as being a trustable partner, confirmed to me during many years of collaboration.”

Octavian Belu

Human Resources Manager, Flex Romania

„Our collaboration with A&C Consulting Centre began long time ago and during years I was pleasantly surprised to find at the company much more than consulting services, to find two persons who really want to offer you the desired support both in personal development and team development. Any company success is provided by motivated and knowledgeable people, whose needs and aspirations are understood by their managers. The partnership with A&C Consulting Centre helped us to solve these challenges at a very professional level, either through recruiting, diverse training programs or development. I am confident that in the future we are going to work together as good as we have already done and we are going to be as satisfied as we have been in developing projects with Adriana and Codruta. I wish you success and to keep yourself as optimistic, passionate and committed to what you are doing!”

Dacian Negrea

Plant Manager, Dura Automotive Romania

„Having A&C Consulting Centre as consultancy provider from the very beginning, we have experienced that Adriana and Codruta are offering excellent service, always well prepared and detailed. Their service is dedicated to the client, which gives them very strong preference in comparison with other consultants. They are always there to help or advice what and how can be done better. It can be training or coaching or recruitment but they always make it tailored to our needs. In the case of human resources consultancy or better to say in the case of organizational and personal development, which is their scope of work, mutual trust, and strong relationship are very important. I am glad to be able to say that with A&C we reached that level of cooperation. Adriana and Codruta, I wish you that this first decade is just the start of your successful development and growth!”

Radenko Prnja

General Manager Timisoara / VP GOPS Romania, FLEXTRONICS

“The consultant – is that person with whom you develop a collaboration relationship. The foundation of this collaboration is the faith that no matter which are the challenges, they will be understood and the appropriate solutions will be found (no more, no less). For this, the consultant has a bag full of rich experience and thorough knowledge of reality, creativity, passion and humor. Adriana and Codruta are these consultants.”

Mihaela Bobaru

Training & TM Coordinator. Human Relations, Continental Automotive Products. Tire Division

“Choosing A&C as a supplier for training sessions proves to be always an INSPIRED decision! Our collaborators offered us practical instruments, managerial models, self-evaluation opportunities and at the same time relaxing moments harmoniously intertwined within the program. We have seen the effectiveness of training by measuring an HR performance indicator very critical in the west part of Romania, TURNOVER. After teaching production leaders, turnover has decreased gradually, becoming half of the initial evaluations. The participants’ feedback shows that they are the most appreciated trainers of all we’ve been working with. This implies directly raising the standards and expectations of all the trainers we are working with. Thus, we are very happy with the training solutions offered by A&C and we strongly recommend any kind of collaboration with this supplier.”

Ioana Roxin

Human Resources Manager, Key Safety Systems