Developing Resilience

1 day

Target Group
the ones who want to improve positive mind-set and the ability to deal with challenges

simulations, role-plays, exercises, focused-group discussions

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Why is resilience important?

Positive vs. negative thinking

Overcoming negative thinking – the ABC technique

The Ladder of Inference

Challenge Your Thinking

Delegates will learn to:

  • understand what resilience is
  • understand the importance of personal resilience and having a positive focus
  • differentiate between positive and negative thinking
  • challenge the way they think
  • change the perception-action pattern when necessary
  • use tools that help build resilience
  • develop key tactics to help ensure organisational resilience
  • develop key emotional intelligence skills help others to build resilience

Become more resilient

Goal: to improve to delegates the ability to cope with the challenges, problems and set-backs

We really care about people, organisations and results