Developing Subordinates 

Coaching. Mentoring

3 days

Target Group
middle, top and senior managers

simulations, case studies, games, focus group discussions

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Understanding people development

Competencies: knowledge, skills and attitudes

Learning styles

Designing development plans

What is mentoring and how to do it?

Coaching – GROW method

Delegates will learn to:

  • design a development plan for subordinates
  • change people behaviours through learning and development
  • identify the elements which can be developed – knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • choose different development methods
  • mentor subordinates
  • use methods to identify potential in people
  • identify and use learning styles, methods and techniques
  • use the GROW model to coach, question and guide a coachee
  • practicing coaching skills: questioning, active listening, observation, verbal instructions
  • structure the coaching and mentoring sessions and project

How to develop subordinates

Goal: helps managers to develop subordinates based on a specific plan, through definite tools, easy to be used

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