Effective Meeting Skills –

Online Meeting

2 days

Target Group
those who have to attend and conduct meetings/online meeting as part of their role

games, simulations, role-plays, focused-group discussions

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Planning the meeting
Structure – meeting development
What to do after a meeting
Questioning methods
Understanding behavioral types

Delegates will learn to:

  • prepare a meeting/online meeting in order to insure its future effectiveness
  • run a meeting/online meeting in order to have all the topics and objectives achieved
  • close the meeting and follow-up on it in order to have lasting results
  • prepare effectively for the meeting they attend
  • participate effectively in meetings/online meetings by following a few simple ground rules
  • ask specific types of questions to obtain more information
  • understand and deal with different types of people behaviour in meetings/online meetings
  • read some body language signs and use them to their advantage

Maximize the effectiveness of meetings and online meetings

Goal: to transfer to delegates highly effective facilitation skills and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of meetings

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