Emotional Intelligence

3 days

Target Group
anyone who want to improve self-awareness, self-motivation and relationship management

self-tests, case studies, exercises, role plays, focused group discussions

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Handling reactions
Relationship management
Social awareness

Delegates will learn to:

  • understand what is emotional intelligence
  • recognise and understand own moods and emotions and their effect
  • manage and regulate emotions to increase productivity
  • adopt strategies to prevent emotional hijacking
  • change negative thoughts and mentality to positive thinking
  • recognise what it takes to believe in themselves and learn how to get motivated
  • face fear and handle it to boost their self-esteem and confidence
  • establish rapport with others and improve the effectiveness of communication
  • understand others feelings
  • understand others needs systematically and respond accordingly to get maximum results in interactions with them

Understand and manage emotions

Goal: to improve a set of core personal competencies – self-awareness, self-management, relationship management – and general mood

We really care about people, organisations and results

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