Fundamentals of 

Human Resources Management

4 days

Target Group
HR specialists, HR business partners, all HR professionals who want to develop their HR skillset

exercises, games, case studies, focused group discussions, role plays

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Human resources professional goals and roles

Organizational structure; role description

Employees resourcing

Performance management system

Employee development

Employee potential

Motivation and disciplining

Delegates will learn to:

  • identify HR professional roles, goals and deontology rules to be respected
  • understand organizational structures and be able to design a role description
  • identify human behaviour typology based on DISC
  • understand the staffing process
  • be able to perform an interview and to select the most suitable candidate
  • understand and be able to create a performance management process
  • be able to design training and development plans
  • differentiate between performance and potential
  • be able to identify potential
  • understand people motivation
  • learn disciplining rules
  • understand basics of compensation and reward

Human resources knowledge and skills

Goal: increase the participants’ HR management knowledge and skills

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