Managing New Generations – Millennials and Z

1 day

Target Group
managers who want to improve their skills to manage new generations

role plays, focused group discussions, case studies

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Recognizing generational differences

Generations specifics – strengths and challenges

How to work with millennials and Zs?

What to do as a manager?

Leadership styles for new generations

Delegates will learn to:

  • understand the characteristics of each generation and common generational motivations
  • understand millennials and Zs as employees and as people
  • motivate employees from new generations
  • understand why millennials and Zs leave employers and how to retain them in the workplace
  • develop strategies to attract new generations
  • know what leadership styles work best with millennials and Zs
  • adapt to the traits new generations are looking for in a manager and a management team
  • turn negative stereotypes regarding generations into positive working relationships

Tips for managing new generations

Goal: to help participants understand the characteristics of new generations and improve their abilities to communicate with, motivate and develop millennials and Zs

We really care about people, organisations and results

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