Managing Team Conflicts

 Improving Team Work (Workshop)

2 days

Target Group
teams that need to work better

visioning, brainstorming, games, focus group discussion

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Ideal team definition

Team assessment with different instruments:

• Group Style Inventory – Human Synergistic
• Belbin team roles
• DISC team assessments
• tailor made team questionnaires

How to become an ideal team?

Delegates will learn to:

  • defining the characteristics of the ideal team and understanding the gaps between the current and the ideal team
  • designing a plan in order to cover the identified gaps
  • identifying and removing possible barriers related to implementation of the plan
  • changing paradigms regarding others (colleagues, members of other teams, managers)
  • increasing team cohesion

Better teams

Goal: support the team management to form a performant team and/ or to remove existent or possible conflicts within the team

We really care about people, organisations and results