Neuro Linguistic Programming Core Skills for Corporate Guys

2 days

Target Group
those who want to increase confidence and improve communication skills in personal or professional interactions

simulations, role-plays, exercises, focused-group discussions

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What is NLP?
What are your beliefs?
NLP Techniques
How to establish rapport
Improve communication with NLP
How to Persuade
How to increase your confidence

Delegates will learn to:

  • use NLP perspectives to examine oneself and understand the underlying NLP principles
  • modify internal representation of past events and convert them to positive experiences
  • use a number of NLP skills to reprogram oneself and read others
  • set theirs goals systematically and boost their confidence when dealing with future events using NLP programming
  • establish rapport using NLP techniques and use empathic communication to get the most from their encounters
  • persuade others using language patterns & NLP meta-programming
  • boost their confidence by reframing and applying NLP techniques on their inner voice

NLP in every day interactions

Goal: to transfer trainees key concepts and fundamentals of NLP and techniques useful in everyday interactions

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