On-the-Job Trainer

3 days

Target Group
on-the-job trainers that need to develop their training skills and techniques

games, role plays, case studies, applied demonstration, individual follow-up in the production area

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Principles of adult learning

The learning process: the four basic steps

On-the-job training methods

How to give performance feedback

Communication skills

Dealing with difficult trainees

Delegates will learn to:

  • identify the role of the trainer
  • explain how adults learn and recognize learning styles/ preferences
  • design practical training session
  • identify and prioritize training needs
  • define training objectives
  • motivate the trainees to apply the learned skills
  • deliver messages clearly and unambiguously
  • give effective feedback
  • practice demonstration/ instruction, as the most appropriate training method
  • work effectively with all learning and behavioral styles;
  • effectively handle and motivate difficult trainees
  • evaluate training results

On-the-job trainer skills

and certificate

Goal: introduces participants to the on-the-job training process, guides them through each stage and equips them with the skills to be effective trainers

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