Planning & Project Management

3 days

Target Group
anyone who manages projects; project managers

project, exercises, case studies, games, focus group discussions

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Project phases and steps

Defining stakeholders and their expectations

Setting project goal, objectives, activities, deadlines, responsible

Identifying and managing project risks

Project control plan

Closing the project

Delegates will learn to:

  • identify reasons, benefits, characteristics and main phases of project work
  • identify the main stakeholders of a project and clarify their expectations
  • clarify and define a project goal and the mandate of a project manager
  • define the constitution of a project team
  • structure the project organisation well linked to the functional organisation
  • break down the project work in phases and activities (work break down structure)
  • put together a project budget
  • plan and control project activities using GANTT chart
  • analyse the risks of a project, plan for contingencies
  • define the documentation, reporting and communication requirements of a project plan
  • set up dedicated control systems
  • structure the phase out of a project

Project Management

Goal: provides trainees with the structure for designing plans and with planning and project management techniques

We really care about people, organisations and results

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