Stress Management

2 days

Target Group
anyone who wants to improve their abilities to manage stress

self-tests, case studies, exercises, role plays, focused group discussions

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What is Stress?
How to Monitor Stress
How to Avoid Extreme Distress
How to Manage Physiological Stress
How to Reduce Stress
How to Be Positive

Delegates will learn to:

  • understand how stressed they are, what it means for them and how it impacts their life
  • monitor their stress level and detect when it is reducing their performance
  • anticipate and resolve stressful situations systematically using time-based and people-based techniques
  • respond to stressful situations using a variety of powerful techniques
  • use specific relaxation techniques to overcome stress
  • follow a model for coping with stress
  • identify methods of avoiding stress where possible
  • say No and be loved for it!
  • use autosuggestion and imagination to full extent to manage their stress level

Techniques for managing stress

Goal: to help participants identify the causes and effects of stress and to assist them in developing the skills required to manage it

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