Supervising People

2 days

Target Group
line leaders, team leaders, supervisors

games, exercises, simulations, role plays

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Organising people
Forming teams
Selecting people
Integrating new employees
Performance evaluation
People development

Delegates will learn to:

  • understand the importance of human resources role within managerial process
  • design a role description
  • identify required competencies based on the role description
  • select the right person for the right job
  • identify what factors contribute to effective team working
  • understand the stages of team development
  • understand what a manager should do in order to effectively integrate new employees into the organisation
  • identify causes of low-performance
  • evaluate performance
  • understand the supervisor role in the training process

People management skills

Goal: to offer trainees specific human resources knowledge and skills in order to be able to perform their managerial role and achieve maximum performance

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