Defining Vision &

Team Work Workshop

2 days

Target Group
members of a department team, members of a management team

visioning, brainstorming, sharing, games, simulations, focus group discussions

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Define and share team’s vision
Identify individual and team values
Define common values
Solve conflicts
How to work together

Delegates will learn to:

  • formulate and share a a vision for a pre-set period of time (a year or more) for the organization (can be site, department or project-based team)
  • identify and share individual professional values; to decide which are the common ones, shared by all team members
  • improve the participants communication and collaboration skills
  • create a network between participants and to improve their networking skills
  • understand the reasons of possible existing conflicts between departments and starting the change
  • define some principles and norms of working as a team

Defines vision and forms teams

Goal: to support teams in defining direction and in their development and improvement process

We really care about people, organisations and results

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