Time Management &
Personal Effectiveness

2 days

Target Group
those who need to manage their time resources and priorities more effectively

exercises, case studies, self-tests, focused-group discussions

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What is personal effectiveness?
Setting prioritizing objectives
Managing my Habits
GTD Method (Get things done)
Dealing with people

Delegates will learn to:

  • re-evaluate and simplify goals
  • focus on what is most important
  • plan efficiently for achieving their goals and their mission
  • prioritise objectives and plan work to make best use of time and resources
  • understand and accept the importance of effectiveness at the work place
  • know which are the time-wasters and how to avoid them
  • control their thoughts with the right attitude so that they maximise their time efficiency
    analyse their current usage of time
  • use a step-by-step technique to replace their bad habits with good habits
  • develop more self-control; self-confidence, self-motivation
  • identify appropriate techniques for assertive communication

Effective use of time and                  self-management

Goal: to offer participants tools that help them to achieve more, to make more time to do the things they want and to become personally effective

We really care about people, organisations and results

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