Training English

Conflict Management training – 2022

Conflict Management. What is conflict? How to handle conflicts? How to manage emotions? Stages in conflict. Negotiation in Conflict. How to prevent conflicts.

Stress Management training – 2022

Stress Management. What is Stress? How to Monitor Stress, avoid Extreme Distress, Manage Physiological Stress. How to Reduce Stress. How to Be Positive.

Self Motivation training – 2022

Self Motivation. What is self-motivation? Identify the main factors for self-motivation. Self-confidence. How to motivate yourself. Self-motivation techniques.

Developing Resilience training – 2022

Developing Resilience. Why is resilience important? Positive vs negative thinking. Overcoming negative thinking, the ABC technique. The Ladder of Inference.

Train the Trainer training – 2022

Train the Trainer Skills and certificate. Principles of Adult Learning. Learning Process. Training Needs. Designing the Training Program. Training Methods.