Understanding People Behavior

and Reacting Adequately 

1 or 2 days

Target Group
those wanting to improve their behavioral response to people they work with and/or subordinates

self-tests, games and role plays, simulations, focus group discussions

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Behavioral types – DISC (Drive-Influencing-Steadiness-Compliance)

Recognize behavioral types

How to communicate to each type


Delegates will learn to:

  • understand behavioral styles (Drive-Influencing-Steadiness-Compliance)
  • recognize behavioral types – DISC to any other person
  • how each behavioral type communicates
  • assess individual strengths
  • identify the behavioral work style of others
  • develop a personal adaptability strategy
  • better understand themselves
  • better collaborate with colleagues, managers and clients
  • manage their relationships more efficiently using DISC
  • apply DISC in business and private life

Better relationships

Goal: to make participants capable to understand themselves and other people’s behavior and to interact accordingly

We really care about people, organisations and results